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Globetech has extensive experience, gained over many years in various metals industries including steel, copper and aluminium. This experience includes complete new process lines, modernisation of existing lines' and automation of auxiliary systems such as coil and slab handling, water treatment systems and other services.

Examples of processline types are:

  • Metal coating Lines 
  • Colour Coating Lines 
  • Cut-to-Length Lines 
  • Slitting Lines 
  • Coil Preparation Lines 
  • Cleaning Lines 
  • Coil Annealing Lines
  • ET Lines 
  • Bar Mills 
  • Tube Mills   

Services offered to the metal industry include:

  • Level 1 Automation 
  • Level 2 Automation 
  • Control System Networking 
  • Safety Systems § AC / DC Drive Solutions
  • Motor Control Centres 
  • Distribution Boards 
  • Control Desks 
  • CCTV
  • Line PA Systems 
  • High Speed Data Aquisition & Analysis Systems 
  • Installation Design & Supervision

Specialist solutions for strip process lines include:

  • Strip Transport Control Solutions 
  • Speed, Tension, Position Control Solutions 
  • Operator Interface Solutions 
  • Process Line Sequence Control 
  • Alarming & Diagnostics
  • Weld Or Stitch Tracking 
  • Skin Pass Mill Solutions 
  • Tension Leveller Solutions 
  • Coating Control Solutions

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